Seebye Chat Heads

Seebye Chat Heads brings a new way to interact with your notifications from WhatsApp to your device.

  • Android 4+
  • WhatsApp
  • Root
  • Xposed Framework (Optional)

Version: 3.0.0
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Version 3.0.0 154

  • italian translations updated
  • contact image size changed
  • More

Version 3.0.0 149

  • some bug fixes
  • settings restructed
  • added a shadow/border to the popup chat, so it differs from a background with the same color
  • ability to set the alignment of the chat heads
  • notification sound is also played in blacklisted apps
  • emoji ui can be closed by pressing the back key
  • emoji button added to the quick reply
  • if the emoji ui is shown, the send button will turn into an erase button
  • emojis inside the emoji ui have a fixed size, the amount columns varies from 1 to 7 depending on the screen size
  • small design changes to the popup chat
  • select the transparency of the popup chat inside the overflow menu of the popup chat, max transparency = 50%
  • blacklist is completely smooth by preloading the app icons
  • blacklist fullscreen apps (apps with transparent status-/navbars are also fullscreen apps
  • animation on/off option removed
  • option to choose the animation duration factor added
  • option to select the color of parts of the user ui added
  • heads up
  • google now commands (xposed required)
  • android wear supported
  • More

Version 2.0.61 136

  • performance improved
  • conversations of groups can be opened directly
  • search edittext does not disappear anymore after opening the side menu
  • More

Version 2.0.60 135

  • bug fixes
  • transcluent theme (kitkat)
  • More

Version 2.0.59 134

  • fallback to the old system for the users with problems of the new access system
  • More

Version 2.0.58 133

  • bug fixed
  • More